Nobody likes unsightly clutter, but it’s hard to get rid of things that you know someday you’ll use again. Additionally, some belongings just have strong sentimental value, and you know you can never part with some of your belongings, even when they start to get in the way of daily life. But you don’t have to live minimally to enjoy a minimalist style in your home - renting a self storage unit will help you hold on to what you want while providing a lot more free space in your home or garage. 
So, how do you know what to keep and what to put into storage? There are a few principles for putting items into storage. For example, anything you haven’t used in the past year is probably safe to put into storage. Seasonal items are also great for storage - holiday decorations, gardening and yard work tools, and off-season clothing are great items to store to free up space because you’ll only have to retrieve them once a year before returning them to their new home in your unit.

Check out our storage tips for valuable advice on how to store the items you place in your unit!