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Self storage can be a lucrative industry, but there’s only so much you can do to send your business on the road to success with limited experience, industry know-how, and capital. Having investors in your company isn’t just money that gets you started or helps you make small improvements, it’s an investment in the long-term success of your company through consultation and development. The perfect investor will not only give you the capital you need to bring your business above par, but will also assist you in maneuvering the system by helping you obtain the permits and approvals you need for the various improvements you want to make to your facility.

Whether you have an established self storage business or are in the planning stages of building and opening a facility, the Advantage team is eager to partner with you and help you build a gainful business that benefits everyone involved. We’re so confident in our management services and industry analysis expertise that we are willing to make major investments in the right businesses.


What we provide

The first step is our Acquisition or Development Due Diligence Market Study and Facility Feasibility Analysis Report. Wow, that sounds intimidating; what does it mean? It means that we make a thorough analysis of your business as it is now from operations to facility details and everything in between. Additionally, we make a detailed analysis of the industry and local demographics that affect your self storage business. This way, we can better estimate, disperse and plan our investment so that capital goes where it is most needed to make the biggest difference.

As your partners in progress, we can be involved in the entire process of the building of your business, from initial construction of your facility to renovations and merchandising. We can help you find the best professionals to get the job done, no matter what the job may be. We will even work hand-in-hand with your architects and construction specialists if you already have a great plan.

We’d love the opportunity to discuss investment further with you and explain what we can do to help your business. Don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Kinder for more details at 303-642-7798.

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