It’s not just residents that need to rent storage units from time to time. Businesses often need extra space, too. Our secure storage units provide the perfect place to store excess stock merchandise, or even documents. However, storing documents properly requires more care than you’d think. Read on for more details about how to store your documents properly.
There are many factors involved in appropriate document storage. First, fire safety is pretty important, but aside from that, protecting your documents from mildew and mold is essential. That’s why businesses who store documents in self storage can benefit from a unit with climate control, which helps maintain the temperature and limits the moisture in the unit where you are storing your documents.
It’s not just protecting documents from damage while being stored that is important. Security is very important as well. You want to be sure that your sensitive and classified documents are secure while they are in storage, so finding a facility that takes extra security measures to protect the contents of your unit is very important. 

Check out one of our facilities if you are in need of business storage, as Advantage Self Storage is fully committed to providing businesses with all the amenities needed for safe document storage!